Nolan Maloney

Associate Advisor, Vice President Operations

Meet Nolan

Nolan Maloney is an Associate Advisor, Vice President Operations based in Austin, Texas.

Meet Nolan

Nolan is an Associate Wealth Advisor and Vice President of Operations. Nolan works with clients to help them develop a financial plan and strategy for managing their wealth over time. He has educational experience in behavioral neuroscience and psychology and strives to go beyond avoiding emotional responses – instead his preference is to emphasize understanding and leverage emotional responses into appropriate strategies.

Nolan excels in building relationships via genuine interactions with clients. He likes to help people feel at ease while making major decisions which impact their lives. Nolan aims to serve clients that are looking for guidance beyond making money, instead he looks to help clients leverage intentional strategies that allow them to enjoy their lives along the way.

Outside of the office, Nolan spends most of his time with his growing family. They enjoy attending all of the matches for the local soccer team, Austin FC, and are also loyal Liverpool FC supporters. Their forever energetic Great Pyrenees loves to take the family for walks and even invites them out to her favorite dog park a few nights per week. They wouldn’t be an authentic Austin family if they didn’t spend the remainder of their time finding all the best local eats and live shows.


How Nolan Supports Our Clients


I’m a senior investor, retiree, or near-retiree. How does Nolan support my goals?

  • Advises all the way through retirement
  • Provides cash flow and income advice
  • Aligns investments with estate planning strategy


I’m working toward wealth accumulation, supporting my family, and/or making the most of new experiences and adventures. How will Nolan support my objectives?

  • Guides into retirement
  • Continually reworks financial plans into retirement
  • Develops tax and estate planning strategies
  • Relates to current life events
  • Adapts as your goals develop and change
  • Leverages newfound financial stability for the future


I’m new to investing and looking to learn more while I create a plan. How does Nolan support me?

  • Helps clients realize long-term goals
  • Provides foundational financial literacy
  • Emphasizes long-term investment strategies


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